Zach Biggar

Zach Biggar

This is my friend/neighbour Zach Biggar. I see him everyday, I cook for him, help him clean, and help him with his laundry. We go for wings every wednesday, watch movies, sometimes go out to eat —  all of this in groups with other people. He is from Hay River, North West Territories —  he won’t let people forget that, as well as the fact that it is “always colder” there so we can’t complain about our mild Calgary winter. Sometimes Zach is a pain in my butt. But like any true best friend, he will help me out when I really need it.

I procrastinated three weeks on photographing a high and low key portrait assignment, and it came down to the last day where my original subject bailed. (After much complaining) Zach agreed to be my subject and let me boss him around for an hour while I tried to find out how to do this assignment.

These aren’t extreme examples of high and low key lighting, but I think they aren’t too bad.

I used my 7D camera with my 16-35mm lens. My Canon 430EX flash, Metz AF50-1 flash, a reflector, and some black cinefoil.

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  1. Hi Adelle:

    I really enjoyed your write-up of Zach and portraits of him. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Good luck with the remainder of your semester. 🙂

    Brenda and Peter

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