Sean and Kinga’s Wedding

Sean and Kinga’s Wedding

Some family friends of ours got married on September 21, 2013 after being together for 22 years. The wedding was very small with around 25 guests in attendance and it was held on Sean’s mothers farm north of Strathmore, Alta. The bride, Kinga, wore an untraditional blue gown while Sean wore a kilt. A bagpiper was tastefully chosen as the only music that lead the ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet with a lot of personal effects in place. After the ceremony a reception was held in another area of the farm where guests could gather, mingle, eat, and ogle over the bride, her new husband, and the two absolutely adorable flower girls. Dinner was soon to follow at the Strathmore Station, the more classy restaurant in Strathmore.

I used my Canon 7D camera with a 70-200mm lens attached to it as my primary camera and I also had my very old and retired Canon Rebel XSI camera (which my little sister currently uses for her high-school photography classes) with my 16-35mm lens attached to it as my backup and to take a few wide shots.

The family was not looking for traditional wedding photography with a session with the bride and groom, in fact, several times I had to request to do family pictures as it was not high in their list of interests. A few weeks before the wedding they did not even have a photographer, just family with their cameras which would work well for the kind of “document what goes on at the wedding” kind of photography they were looking for, and as I would already be in attendance to the wedding I asked if they would like me to shoot it and they were ecstatic. In the end, I edited the photos you see below for them and put them on a disk, and at their request, I gave them another disk with the 700 unedited photos I took. It may not have been the traditional wedding shoot I was hoping for but they were happy with the images, and I’m happy about that.

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