Nielsen Family

Nielsen Family

Last summer (yes, I’ve unfortunately gotten lazy updating my website so I’m finally uploading photos from MONTHS ago) I had the pleasure to photograph the Nielsen family!

It was a beautiful and warm summer day, the lawn was perfectly manicured and ideal for pictures, and their matching teal, pink, and navy blue outfits looked perfect together! We spent about an hour rolling around in the grass, laughing as we attempted to get the kids to pose, and just having a good time as they made memories and I made photographs.

I always feel so blessed to help a family capture their beautiful moments. I hope I can continue to photograph this family so that one day, those beautiful little girls will be able to look back at all the years of family photos and all those memories they will have created. And one day they too will appreciate warm summer days and sunshine, manicured lawns and matching outfits, and time spent together with their family.

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