Nicole Ellis- Pianist

Nicole Ellis- Pianist

This past week I was home for reading week and I photographed my beautiful sister playing the piano for one of my lighting assignments. The assignment was to photograph portraits of the same person using Broad, Short, and Butterfly lighting. The shoot was fairly fun and most of the time Nicole was actually playing the piano, she’s very talented.

I was having a bit of a difficult time because the pocket wizards I was using to fire my flashes weren’t working properly, meaning I had two flashes, and three pocket wizards, and the two pocket wizards attached to my flashes were both setting off my canon flash, instead of one setting off my canon flash and one setting off my metz. So instead I used a mirror to bounce back light onto the back of my sister and I think it worked fairly well.

I used my Canon 7D camera, my Canon 430EX flash, and a set of pocket wizards.

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