Higher and Higher- Queen Of Hearts

Higher and Higher- Queen Of Hearts

Last minute phone calls from Justice Brooks about last minute photo shoots seem to be the new norm for our professional relationship. This time I found myself photographing the up-and-coming, seriously handsome¬†men of a local Edmonton band, Higher and Higher. The band includes the ultra talented musicians — Robbie Mcweeny, Mack Greening, Riley Witiw, Derek L’Hirondelle, and Sean Torgalson. I had only heard of them before from Justice, who had shot a previous music video of theirs, but whilst my hours of editing I took a listen and really enjoy their music! Search for them on youtube and Facebook (which has multiple links to their music), they also have a self-titled EP on iTunes. I seriously urge you to take a listen!

Although originally I was asked to shoot more behind the scenes photographs, I soon became bored and pulled the guys aside for some portraits — although that didn’t go as easily as planned as within 30 minutes my flash broke. Oh well, here’s to making margaritas out of lemons. I had a ton of fun and hope to work with these awesome guys in the future (perhaps when they have their names in lights?)

I used my Canon 7D camera along with my 70-200mm f2.8 lens and my 16-35mm f2.8 lens, and an attempt at using flash.

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