About Me

About Me

Adelle Ellis

My name is Adelle Ellis and I am a Strathmore, Alta. based photographer specializing in portrait, lifestyle, event and candid photography. I am also more than willing to travel for any photoshoot!

Having always been interested in photography and sharing a person’s story through the aid of pictures, I completed formal photography training via SAIT’s Photojournalism program in 2014 and launched a small photography business soon after.

Some things about my style:
Currently, I am working at the Strathmore Times as a reporter and photojournalist – where I get to put my photography skills to use every day – alongside my photography business where I can offer personalized photo sessions.
I mostly offer outdoor on-location photoshoot options — let me know what background you would like and we can work together to find the right location for you.  When an outdoor location is not suitable (such as for a newborn session) then I can bring a portable studio right to you! There are a couple of locations indoors in Calgary that offer amazing light and atmosphere for photo sessions, or your own house can sometimes be the most beautiful and relaxed setting. 
I have a passion for living a country lifestyle and for photographing people. So by combining my rustic and natural photography style together, I get the best of both worlds.
Past experience includes working as a documentation photographer for three years at two different construction companies in Calgary.
Now onto the fun stuff about me: 
I am recently engaged to my hilarious and loving partner of four years, Matthew. No, we don’t have a date yet, but we hope to have a small and beautiful rustic wedding where I have most likely stollen some of the decoration ideas from recent weddings I have photographed! 
I have my very own flock of sheep (and one mini fainting goat named Albus), and I seriously love them so much! My parents own and operate a second-generation farm where I grew up and hold many fond childhood memories. I still spend most of my time on the farm helping out where I can and I love the country lifestyle! I hope to carry on the tradition of working and living on the farm with my own family one day.
Red wine and dark chocolate are my guilty pleasures. 
I am seriously a grandma trapped in a young persons body — I love crocheting, cross stitching, coffee, tea, cozy blankets, bare feet and occasionally gossiping with the other betty’s when I take my own Granny to morning coffee visits.
My interest in photography at a young age and determination to learn it properly prompted one teacher in my Kindergarten – Grade 12 school to take a course so she could properly teach the craft to myself and other interested students. 
I have a strange addiction to books. I used to read all the time, but lately my interest in my “granny crafts” has left me with less and less time to read. I currently have collected over 46 new novels to read (I know that’s ridiculous!)… and yet I can’t stop myself from purchasing more books to add to the collection!
I fall in love with every photo session I complete and generally become obsessed about it during the editing process. Every photoshoot is so unique and special and there is something about preserving a moment for someone to keep and cherish for all of time that is so captivating. This industry is so huge and ever-changing, although it can be daunting sometimes, I love that I can have my little piece of the pie and that I can take my love for photography and hand it over to my clients for them to share in their happiness at the end result as well.
So please, don’t hesitate to message me or call to inquire about a photoshoot. I would love to book you in!



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