Bighorn Sheep in Jasper

Bighorn Sheep in Jasper

During a family trip to Jasper we were stuck in a 20 car traffic jam caused by three ewes, their three lambs, and a ram. Now coming from where I come from and having respect for wildlife I felt slightly ashamed to have gotten out of my car to take pictures of these creatures, but hey, until all other cars cleared out we couldn’t have gotten past the animals anyway to better make the best of it. There are many species of animals that I like more than bighorn sheep, but those lambs ever were cute! Same can be told for our farm sheep as well I guess… Anyway, enjoy these cute little creatures with the creepy glowing eyes!

p.s. please if you come across wildlife on the road DON’T FEED THEM! It may seem cute to feed the animals but soon a habit will develop and they will rely on on us feeding them and their likelihood of surviving the winter will greatly decrease.  Also be safe and cautious with these animals, a sheep may seem harmless but especially in this instance where they have their lambs with them they can get easily threatened and they can be unpredictable. I was extremely nervous when the one ewe put her nose on my camera lens as she could have head butted at anytime and I swear to you it would have hurt.

I used my Canon 7D camera with both a 16-35mm lens and a 70-200mm lens.

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